City Burn Permits

There are no burning permits issued to City residents. Residents may have a recreational fire, contained in a fire pit, and may not burn leaves or trash.

Township Burn Permits (Bengal, Bingham and Greenbush)

Residents living in the east half of Bengal Township (Francis Rd. as the dividing line), Bingham Township and Greenbush Township may either call the St. Johns Police Department at 989-224-6721 or the St. Johns Fire Department at 989-224-2151 to request a 3-day burn permit. Permits cannot be given for manufactured materials, such as cardboard boxes, processed lumber, trash, tires, etc.  Residents may burn leaves, tree limbs, garden waste, field materials, and ditch banks, etc.  A burning permit for a recreational fire (less than 3' in diameter) is not required.

**NEW** We now offer an annual burn permit for residents in our Bingham, Bengal and Greenbush Township coverage areas.  You need to stop at the police department during their regular business hours (Mon - Fri, 8-4) and fill out one form.  Once you received a signed Annual permit you are not required to call for the 3-day permits. 

Recreational Fires

Recreational Fires are permitted within the City limits. Residents are permitted to have small recreational fires for 'cook outs', roasting marshmallows, etc provided they are in a contained space. Residents may not burn rubbish, building materials, etc in these fires. Although burning permits are not required for recreational fires, a call to the Public Safety Office is appreciated. The phone number is 989-224-2151 or 989-224-6721.

School Presentations

Fire Department personnel will conduct a presentation on fire safety in the City of St Johns Schools. A School representative must request this program and it must be sanctioned by the School. For further details, please call 989-224-2151.


Tours of the Fire Station and Fire Trucks are conducted for groups of any size for local preschool, school classes, Scout groups, etc. Please call 989-224-2151 for further information on the arrangements needed for a tour.

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Local Development Finance Authority

The Local Development Financing Act, Public Act 281 of 1986, as amended, allows a city, village, or urban township to utilize tax increment financing to fund public infrastructure improvements. This tool is designed to promote economic growth and job creation. Communities across Michigan have utilized LDFA districts to extend sewer and water lines, to construct roads, and to service manufacturing, agricultural processing, and high technology operations.

The financing mechanism allows for the capture of the incremental growth of local property taxes over a period of time to fund public infrastructure improvements. By leveraging future tax increments, the LDFA is able to finance these public improvements, which can lead to new development opportunities within the community.

Staff contact for the LDFA: Jon Stoppels, City Manager, (989) 224-8944 ext. 220, 

Any other information required by MCL 125.4910(1) can be obtained at St. Johns City Offices, 100 E. State Street, Suite #1100, St. Johns, Michigan 48879.

Resolution Creating LDFA

TIF & Development Plan



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