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City Manager Jon Stoppels (989) 224-8944 ext. 220
City Clerk Mindy Seavey (989) 224-8944 ext. 223
City Treasurer Kristina Kinde (989) 224-8944 ext. 232
Community Development Director/
Deputy City Manager
Dave Kudwa (989) 224-8944 ext. 231
City Assessor Melissa Zemla, CSZ Services (989) 224-8944 ext. 222
City Commission
Commissioner Tamara Kirschenbauer (989) 228-8944
Commissioner Heather Hanover (989) 224-8944
Vice Mayor Robert Craig (989) 224-8944
Commissioner Jean Ruestman (989) 224-8944
Mayor Eric Hufnagel (989) 224-8944
Department of Public Works
DPW Division Supervisor Jeremy Ritter (989) 224-8944 ext. 229
Fire Department
Fire Chief Dean Mazzolini (989) 224-8944 ext. 240
Information Technology
  Mindy Seavey (989) 224-8944 ext. 223
Legal Department
  John Salemi  (989) 224-8944 ext. 225  
Parks & Recreation Department
Recreation Director William Schafer (989) 224-8944 ext. 227
Recreation Programmer Marie Heard (989) 224-8944 ext. 228
Police Department
Police Chief David Kirk (989) 224-6721
Lieutenant Eric Verlinde (989) 224-6721
Public Services Department
Director of Public Services Steven Martin (989) 224-8944 ext. 281
Wastewater Treatment Department
Wastewater Division Supervisor Jordan Whitford (989) 224-8944 ext. 230
Water Department
Water Division Supervisor Justin Smith (989) 224-8944 ext. 235

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Local Development Finance Authority

The Local Development Financing Act, Public Act 281 of 1986, as amended, allows a city, village, or urban township to utilize tax increment financing to fund public infrastructure improvements. This tool is designed to promote economic growth and job creation. Communities across Michigan have utilized LDFA districts to extend sewer and water lines, to construct roads, and to service manufacturing, agricultural processing, and high technology operations.

The financing mechanism allows for the capture of the incremental growth of local property taxes over a period of time to fund public infrastructure improvements. By leveraging future tax increments, the LDFA is able to finance these public improvements, which can lead to new development opportunities within the community.

Staff contact for the LDFA: Jon Stoppels, City Manager, (989) 224-8944 ext. 220, 

Any other information required by MCL 125.4910(1) can be obtained at St. Johns City Offices, 100 E. State Street, Suite #1100, St. Johns, Michigan 48879.

Resolution Creating LDFA

TIF & Development Plan



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